Norm Heger
Home Court Real Estate LLC

These are my favorite tools as a broker

Improve your real estate game with these:


1. Laser Tape Measure - Quickly get the square footage of any room. This holds 2 measurements so you can easily calculate the square footage. It's also great for ceiling heights. 

Laser Distance Measure link

2. Shoe Covers - Did you forget to wear shoes that don't have laces again or have clients that don't want to take their shoes off? Get some disposable shoe covers to make your life easier.

Boot and Shoe Covers Link

3. Cordless Drill - If you've been in real estate for any length of time you will probably be asked to help change a lock, put up blinds, or hang something random on a wall. Make your life easier and get a cordless drill. 

Cordless Drill Link 

Drill Bits - You will also need these for your drill.

Drill Bits Link 1   Pre-drill holes for best results.

Drill Bits Link 2   

Stud Finder - Know where the studs and electrical wires are before you drill. You will be glad you did. 

Stud Finder Link

4. Lockbox - Easy access to any property. You may also want to keep a spare key at the office "just in case".

Lockbox Link

5. Phone Tripod - Are you still trying to get a steady pics while holding your phone? Make life easier and pics less blurry with a tripod. 

Phone Tripod Link

6. Drone - Step your game up with a drone. Check the condition of roofs and take great pics. and videos. Just make sure you can legally fly it in your local area first. 

Drone Link